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Why We Should All Switch To Aloe Up Biodegradeable Skin Care Products!!

Aloe Up Products

 Why choose Aloe Up products over others?

 They’re biodegradable

 Many cosmetic and beauty products contain man-made, synthetic ingredients that cause damage to the environment. Many consumers do not realise that products such as sunscreens, shampoos, hair gels and many others contain small molecules of plastic. In a natural environment, plastic doesn’t break down. It enters the water systems and eventually the food chains, including our own and can cause serious consequences as it gathers toxins along the way.

 Many unnatural products can seriously damage coral reefs. Coral reefs are highly sensitive to any form of chemical imbalance. The products we apply to ourselves, including the items we use when bathing as well as the creams we apply to our skin afterwards, wash off in the sea and can cause harm to these highly fragile ecosystems.

 Aloe Up products are made from natural ingredients which biodegrade within 28 days of being in the environment.

 They’re non-greasy

 From a diver’s point-of-view, mask leaks are one of THE most annoying things to have to continuously deal with when under the water. It becomes highly frustrating to have to keep clearing your mask every few minutes. One of the major downsides for divers of conventional creams is that they can prove rather greasy. This can cause the mask to slip and leak. Aloe Up products are non-greasy, making them suitable for use on the mask area. It also means that they don’t wash off easily, so won’t run into the eyes when the skin gets wet and won’t clog the skin’s pores.

 They’re hypoallergenic

 Skin can be highly sensitive, especially pale skin. The therapeutic and healing qualities of aloe vera have been known for centuries. For aloe vera to be effective, products need to contain at least 20% natural aloe vera by volume. Aloe Up products contain between 25% and 99% aloe vera gel, more than any other sun protection products, making them suitable for all skin types, including that of people suffering from heat rash and malaria, as well as for children.

 They contain broad spectrum protection

 Many traditional sunscreens only sit on the surface of the skin. Aloe Up products are designed to sink to the deepest layers of the skin, with ingredients that not only protect the surface from UVB rays, but also protect the deeper layers from the harmful penetration of UVA rays.

 They’re water resistance

 Aloe vera gel is a natural water repellent, making Aloe Up products suitable for all levels of outdoor activities, from playing in the surf to diving!

 Most are PABA free

 Para Aminobenzoic Acid contains a chemical known as Oxybenzone, which has been shown by the British Medical Journal to have a possible link with MALIGNANT skin cancer. Many other sun products that have high SPF contain oxybenzone as it “filters” UV light on the skin’s surface, converting it from light to heat. Heat can be just as damaging to skin cells as light can, so it’s best to avoid this kind of “protection”, aside of the fact that there isn’t enough medical research to show the effects long-term use of oxybenzone can have on the skin.

Lip Protection

People often remember to cover their skin in sunscreen, but neglect to protect their lips. Remembering to apply some kind of sun protection is very important, as lips lack melanin, the natural “sunscreen” pigment found in skin. The sun can cause serious damage to lips, resulting in chapped, broken and very sore areas. Add that to being in saltwater and in the breeze of a boat and permanent damage can be caused.

 SPF 15 Original Lip Ice – Retail 10 aed

  • This lip protection not only has an SPF of 15, but is waterproof too, making it an excellent choice for use between dives. This lip balm is non-waxy and contains aloe oil, making it ideal for everyday use.

 SPF 30 Medicated Lip Protector – Retail 10 aed

  • Medicated lip protector not only has a High Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, but contains menthol and camphor to soothe lips that have become weather damaged, as well as to moisturise the area to prevent further damage.


The harmful effects of the sun’s rays are becoming more and more well-known. It’s important to use the right level of protection for your skin type. Those with fair skin should use a minimum SPF of 25, as they are very prone to burning. Medium skin tones need at least SPF 15. Dark skin contains high level of the skin’s natural sun protection melanin, but should still use a minimum of SPF 8. Children of all skin tones should use a minimum of 30, but preferably higher. Remember, the wind can intensify the effect of the sun’s rays as it causes skin damage in itself.

 SPF 25 Original Sunscreen – Retail 45 aed

  • The “Original Sunscreens” have been designed for those needing high protection, but who may have sensitive skin. These creams are ideal for those suffering from heat rash (prickly heat) and malaria. These creams are dry formulas, completely non-greasy and are absorbed in to the skin immediately, meaning they do not block pores, which only aggravates prickly heat and other sensitive conditions. The Original screens protect against UVA and UVB as well as being water resistant.

 SPF 30 Watersports Jelly – Retail 55 aed

  • Described as “Ultra Waterproof Jelly”, this screen has a high SPF and contains natural beeswax, making it extra water-repellant. Even after 8 hours on the skin, it retains its high SPF factor. Protects against UVB and UVA rays. Used worldwide by surfers, kayakers, sailors and trans-atlantic rowers alike! The jelly formula also protects the skin against wind.

 SPF 30 Pro Sunscreen – Retail 25 aed

  • This technical suncream is non-greasy, has a high water resistance and won’t run in to the eyes or clog the skin’s pores. The 35% aloe vera gel formula provides all day protection as well as moisturisation. The formula is hypo-allergenic and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

 SPF 30 Serious Sunscreen – Retail 50 aed

 Tanning Oils

Designed for dark skin, these low protection oils are made with aloe vera and coconut oil to nourish and moisturise.

SPF 0 Original Tanning Oil – Retail 40 aed

SPF 4 Tanning Oil Spray – Retail 55 aed

 Children’s Sunscreens

Children have very sensitive skin and need to use screens with very high SPFs. The higher the better, but it is recommended that children use at least a factor 30 sunscreen.

 Lil’Kids SPF 45 Sunscreen Lotion – Retail 55 aed

  • This combined high SPF and zinc oxide (the same stuff used in nappy rash creams) formula gives excellent protection for sensitive skin. It is high water resistant, hypo-allergenic and suitable for the use on all children from the age of 6 months. Protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

 Lil’Kids SF 45 Continuous Spray – Retail 60 aed

  • This easy spray application contains no CFCs and comes in a recyclable container. The fine spray ensures there is smooth coverage on the skin for long-lasting protection and has a high water resistance.



I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how impressed my family are with your Aloe Up sun protection products. We came across Aloe Up when we were given the SPF30 cream and Sunstick when on holiday in Mexico last year in February. It was very hot and the sun very fierce. We used the cream everyday and not only avoided suffering from any burning but the longevity, non greasiness and easy of application was notable – especially cool is that is is really waterproof and does not require constant reapplication after watersports, running, sweating etc. We have since purchased from your website for holidays in the Canaries and Tunisia and nothing we have used has provided the same level of protection or been as long lasting on the skin plus the depth of tan achieved is amazing. So, enough gabbling from me, just wanted to let you know and thank you.

Kind regards


“I have now used Aloe Up SPF 30 for 5 years diving, golfing, sailing, skiing, hill-walking and recently holidaying in Florida. My very fair skinned partner used it for the first time on this trip. In the past we both often had to head indoors for fear of burning, but not since using Aloe UP. No sunburn whatsoever and able to stay out all day, in 90 degree, not a cloud in the sky weather. Simply the best sunscreen ever!”

Neil (one very happy fair skinned and tanned Scottish customer)

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